Healing Through Harmony

In ancient times music was used to heal and communicate, and music as entertainment is a relatively recent concept. Looking back to those ancient practices, Wholenotes is the space where science and spirit meet. More than entertainment, our intention is to promote peace, balance, relief, and clarity for the guests as well as the players.

Wholenotes Music is the culmination of Rick Clayton’s life’s work in music and healing. This cast of musicians has come together to offer their energy, intention, and talent, to create a space where healing can occur.

The frequencies of the music we play will stimulate energy centers in your body, which may elicit a physical response. The experience is different for each person, and as a guest you are part of the energy of the event. Relax and enjoy, and don’t be surprised if you feel emotions, physical releases, and clarity… anything from the subtle to the dramatic.

Your role after the event is to continue the work that has started here.  After Wholenotes you should breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, walk barefoot in the grass, spend time outdoors, and get a good night’s rest. Be mindful of how you feel, and take good care of yourself and those around you.

Wholenotes is a rotating cast of musicians with a broad range of talent and experience. Each Wholenotes performance is a unique expression of the intention of the musicians and the audience together. In fact, the audience members are an important part of the whole.

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